Truth from God is light itself. It enlightens our inner sight and warms our heart with what is loving. 

– Emanuel Swedenborg

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Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution

The Genesis of Personal Transformation
By E. Kent Rogers

How are we to reconcile a literal reading of the Creation story in the Bible with what science tells us of how the universe and humankind came to be? Based on the ideas of Emanuel Swedenborg, E. Kent Rogers’s Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution points the way to a deeper symbolic meaning hidden within the narrative of Genesis 1. Using his experience as a mental health counselor and spiritual practitioner, he develops practical techniques for spiritual growth on our own personal journey from the darkness to the light.


Heaven and Hell: New Century Edition

By Emanuel Swedenborg
Translated by George F. Dole

Heaven and Hell is Swedenborg’s most popular book and his fullest report of his experiences in the other world. In it he describes heaven, hell, and the world of spirits that lies between them.


The Universe and I

Where Science & Spirituality Meet
By George F. Dole

The Universe and I: Where Science & Spirituality Meet joins the science and religion debate with engaging and insightful dialogue from lifelong theological scholar George F. Dole. Exploring the ideas of many of our greatest minds, including Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, and eighteenth-century polymath Emanuel Swedenborg, Dole responds to the scientific community with a theory of consciousness and existence that incorporates spiritual and religious wisdom. He argues that to fully shape our understanding of our relationship with the universe, we need not only the grounding of science but also the insights of spirit. Join Dole on a journey that investigates our origins, our complex present, and how we can continue to advance humanity and goodwill for all—both as a species and as conscious individuals striving for deeper access to self-awareness and personal growth.


Divine Love and Wisdom: New Century Edition

By Emanuel Swedenborg
Translated by George F. Dole

One of Swedenborg’s most popular works, this volume describes a loving God who is equally present with all people on earth–regardless of race or religion–and explores the underlying unity of all living things.

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Light in My Darkness

By Helen Keller
Edited by Ray Silverman
Foreword by Dorothy Herrmann

Helen Keller, a deaf and blind woman whose story was an inspiration to millions, reveals her mystical side in this best-selling spiritual autobiography.


The Presence of Other Worlds

The Psychological/Spiritual Findings of Emanuel Swedenborg
By Wilson Van Dusen
Foreword by Dr. Raymond Moody
Afterword by Dr. James Lawrence

An account of the monumental journey of eighteenth-century scientist and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg into the depths of his own mind and to spiritual worlds beyond.


A New Spirituality

A New Zealand Quarterly Publication which aims to support you on your spiritual life journey.