Bible Treasures

The Bible is like a chest full of jewels that you see if you open the lid. Jesus lifted the lid on the parables by showing us the deeper levels of meaning within them. It is these deeper spiritual meanings about our attitudes and thoughts which make the Bible (God’s Word) holy. In the parable of the sower Jesus spoke about the seed and the ground and later to the disciples he showed that he was using the seed to represent ideas of truth and the ground to represent our mind. So, when you read of the ground or a field anywhere in the Word, you can think of it as meaning the ground of your mind or your spiritual potential, just as Jesus depicted in the parable. The good ground was able to receive the seeds thrown by the sower just as a good mind is able to receive the seeds of God’s truth, which can spring up and bear fruit. If we wish, we can reflect on the deeper meanings of the images in the Word and how they apply to our personal life journey.

Another example is the water of life that Jesus promised the woman at the well. Water symbolises the refreshing truth that we can thirst for and, when we take it in, will never thirst again. Whenever we read of water in the Bible, we can think of God’s truth or, when it is about destructive water, the opposite of what is true, namely what is false.

Yet another example, is the sun, which symbolises God himself. So the sun of righteousness which shall rise with healing in its wings is God’s healing power, shining the light of truth and the warmth of love into our lives.

Many times, Jesus likens something to the kingdom of heaven. For example, a precious pearl. Why? Because the way a pearl is formed pictures how we are formed into an angel of heaven. When we overcome the irritations of life with love, we are becoming something beautiful.  

Take time to worshipfully consider the symbolism throughout the Bible as it applies to your inner life. More and more gems of wisdom will reveal themselves to you as you look for the deeper meaning. Every time you read a story from the Word you will see something different that applies to you personally on a deeper level. Thus, the Bible is forever relevant to us all. For more on Bible symbolism, request our booklet, The Bible’s Deeper Meaning, through our contact page.

Lis Keal