The Stream of Life

As we go through life we find that we are being drawn along by a gentle force that is leading us upwards and outwards. This is God’s stream of love and care for us, the stream of life. God is continually drawing us towards him by means of the angels with us and the good influences we come into contact with during our life. We may find that we have a special gift of some kind and that, when we use our special gifts, we have a more fulfilling life. God has blessed us all with special gifts and talents so that we can live out our life purpose. As long as we are living lives of love for others and for all of creation, we will be flowing in the stream of God’s love and care. This stream of life carries us all along to a good end so long as we remain in that stream. We may experience stumbling blocks along the way. Everybody comes up against difficulties on our life’s journey and we should see these as opportunities or stepping stones to a new direction. If we remain in God’s stream of life we will be steered in the right direction and all our experiences along the way will shape us into the person we were created to be. So go with the flow and always seek your highest thought, your most loving action, and be open to the inflowing love which comes through the angels in heaven. Eventually, the stream of life from God will carry you to your heavenly home.