We all have a dark side which is made up of all our negative thoughts and feelings and our burdens of past wrongs that we have done as well as the memories of hurts that we have experienced at the hands of others. These burdens weigh us down and stop our true light from shining. However, we have with us angels from heaven who flow positivity and good feelings into us and these are able to counter the negativity which flows into us from hell. We are in equilibrium between these two forces and so are able to choose which way to go. Knowing where our thoughts and feelings have come from mean that we can refuse to identify with them and give credit to God for the good thoughts as well as sending the bad thoughts back where they have come from. When we consciously make changes to our outer lives, God changes us deep within, heals our spirits and lets our true selves shine through. We just need to bring our burdens and negativities to God for forgiveness each time they show up in our lives, accept that forgiveness, and go and lead a new life of shining our light in the world.

ShineNicole Macdonald