Life After Death

Despite living in a materialistic world, many people have a sub-conscious belief in life after death. Some express this by hoping to live on through others’ memories or stone memorials. Others readily talk about meeting their loved ones in a paradise when they die. Our belief is that the way to heaven is to live our lives according to what we believe to be right and good. It involves renouncing our negativities and wrongdoing and putting into practice the golden rule, which is to do to others as we would like them to do to us. After death we go through a stage of sorting out our lives to decide what attitudes we wish to keep and what we would rather get rid of. Ultimately, what we love most will determine whether we make our homes in heaven or in hell. If we have chosen to be overly self-centred and to create hell on earth, we will remain so after death unless we are willing to repent of our wrongdoing. Heaven is a place where we will go if we have lived a life of loving others as ourselves. The process of growing into an angel starts in this life and goes on after death by our becoming more loving and wise. So angels keep on being perfected to eternity. For more on these ideas, see the book Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg, available from  Amazon or the Book Depository.