Happiness is an inside job. It comes from finding God at our centre and allowing God’s love to flow through us and out to others. When we become involved in service to others, we find it fulfilling and worthwhile. Because we are all unique, how we actually serve others will be unique to us. The work that we do will depend on our expertise and our passion for the work. In heaven, the angels find happiness in fulfilling their unique uses with love in their hearts. Joyful service is the way of the angels and this is what we should strive for on earth. Through the practice of loving service, heavenly happiness grows within us. Be an earth angel and see where that leads you. Tap into the unique attributes God has blessed you with and allow God to guide you to your true life purpose. To find out more, see the book, Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg, available from  Amazon and the Book Depository.